Window Cleaning Services in the Ottawa area

We offer high rise window cleaning services for commercial buildings and residential properties in Ottawa.

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Our services include

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Rope Access Window Cleaning

Our staff are fully trained and certified in rope access techniques using Bosun chairs and/or abseiling equipment. We also offer annual anchor inspections by a certified engineer.

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Water-Fed Window Cleaning

Ladders are dangerous — that’s why we don’t use them! Instead, we clean exterior windows using a water-fed pole system from the ground level. This allows us to clean the windows safely while guaranteeing the same quality as using a squeegee.

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Aerial Lift Window Cleaning

Our team is skilled and experienced in operating boom lifts and/or scissor lifts. If a building doesn’t have roof anchors, we can provide an aerial lift to be delivered to the site and safely access the hard-to-reach areas.

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Interior Window Cleaning

We offer interior window cleaning services for offices, stores, and lobby entrances. Our staff is kind and courteous when performing interior work and are always respectful while working near people’s belongings and/or property.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

We offer monthly interior and exterior window cleaning contracts for local businesses to ensure a building’s curb appeal is maintained.

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Here are some common questions asked about our services.

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Are you insured and certified?
Do you offer swing-stage services?
Do you clean interior windows?
Do you use ladders?